Sea Change | See Change

Noonan Gallery

If artists and museums use their platform to raise awareness about climate impacts on our oceans, perhaps we will see change. Featuring the work of five award-winning visual artists, Daniel Baxter, Jeffrey Blondes, Zoe Matthiessen, Samantha Schwann, and Matthew Wood, and poet Sandy Carlson, this exhibition explores the world’s oceans with a focus on the Arctic. In a variety of media, including painting, photography, video, drawing, and sculpture, the artwork in this exhibition celebrates the beauty of our oceans and the tragedy of their degradation. By tempering a dire message with beauty and humor, this exhibition makes a clear case for protecting the ocean.

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Interested in doing something to help protect the ocean?
Donate to Mission Blue, the organization with which artist Samantha Schwann works most closely.

Image Credits: 

  • Daniel Baxter (American, b. 1965), Emperor Penguins, 2023. Ink/carbon pencil on a map of Antarctica. Collection of the artist.
  • Jeffrey Blondes (American, lives in France, b. 1956)  Summer Solstice: 24 Hour Film, 2006. Collection of the Artist.
  • Zoe Mattiessen (American, b. 1971) Brothers from Another Mother, 2017. Ink and watercolor on paper. Collection of the Artist.
  • Samantha Schwann (b. 1977, Canadian living in USA), Rush, 2017. Photographic Print. Collection of the Artist.
  • Matt Wood (American, b. 1961), Alone, 2023. Oil on Canvas. Real time. Collection of the artist.