The Education Department at a Glimpse

The Education Department’s line-up of public programs, community and school partnerships include a variety of opportunities for all ages and types of museumgoers. We aim to develop engaging and interdisciplinary experiences that make the Museum’s rich collection of artwork and historical objects accessible. Our mission is to create lasting connections with our local community and beyond.

Get in Touch with Us

Schedule a school or group tour, and programs for homeschoolers with Abigail Sites, Education Programs Manager, at (203) 753-0381 ext. 118 or

Inquire about public programs, including outreach programs and community days by contacting Abigail Sites, Education Programs Manager, at (203) 753-0381 x117 or

Discuss School’s Out!, afterschool programs, and further educational opportunities by contacting Jason Foberg, Director of Education, at (203) 753-0381 x114 or

Public Programs

  • Artist and Author Talks:

    Committed to supporting the work of artists in the region, the museum regularly invites artists to discuss their work on view as part of the collection or in conjunction with a special exhibition. Every quarter the museum invites local and regional authors for presentation about their recent publications or a variety of topics related to the Museum’s collection, special exhibitions, and local topics in history.

  • Group Tours and Lectures:

    In conjunction with special exhibitions, each month the museum offers walking tours and lectures led by a variety of guests speakers and scholars.

  • Studio @ The MATT:

    The Museum values the artistic process and therefore offers hands-on studio art classes to students of all abilities and skill levels. Classes are led by some of Connecticut’s finest teaching artists and are inspired by the collection and special exhibitions.

  • MATT on the Go:

    Bring the Museum to your site virtually. Tours include a presentation of historical artifacts by a trained museum educator. Sponsored by the Connecticut Community Foundation.

  • Day Art Trips:

    Organized every three months, the museum develops chartered bus trips to area museums and other cultural heritage destinations within a 2 to 2.5 hour drive.

  • Wellness @ The MATT:

    An initiative designed to reduce anxiety and stress by offering tai chi and yoga in the museum surrounded by art and history.

Community Partnership

  • Memories @ The MATT is a collaboration between the Museum and the Alzheimer’s Association, Connecticut Chapter. The program involves engaging gallery tours developed for people with early-to-mid-stage dementia and their caregivers, at no cost. Medical researchers have found that people with early-to-mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease are positively impacted by the therapeutic effects of viewing historical artifacts and discussing art. Complimentary lunch is included. Supported in part by the Alzheimer’s Association, CT Chapter.

Youth & Family Programs

  • Sensational Self-Portraits:

    Grades PreK-2, 60 minutes
    Engage your senses of sight, touch, smell, and hearing in a guided tour of the art galleries. This program is designed as an introductory museum experience and utilizes age-appropriate exploratory and participatory activities.

  • Then and Now:

    Grade 3, 90 minutes
    Visit the Museum’s History exhibit to learn how and why the city of Waterbury has grown and changed over time. Explore colonial features, use maps to identify physical features of the region, and discover what life was like for the original settlers of Waterbury.

  • Learning to Look:

    Grade 4, 90 minutes

    Discover the tools of visual analysis through observation, self-expression, and Visual Thinking Strategies through a guided tour of the Museum’s Early American art collection, Modern and Contemporary art collection, and special exhibitions.

  • Peoples of Waterbury, 1600s-1800s:

    Grade 5, 90 minutes

    Explore the history of the Brass City, discover Waterbury’s transformation from an agricultural life in the 1600s to an industrial leader during the 19th and 20th centuries. Students will discover new perspectives on the innovations of the waterwheel, immigrants, child labor, factory life and machines, and brass materials produced in Waterbury.

  • Highlights from the Collection:

    Grades 6-12, 60 minutes
    Have you ever seen an ornate desk made from rubber, colorful metal mobiles hanging from the ceiling, or 20,000 buttons all in one place? Learn about these things and so much more through this introduction to the Early American art collection, button collection, and historical artifacts ranging from the colonial period to the mid-20th century that are part of the Museum’s permanent collection.

  • Access Tours:

    All ages, 60 minutes
    The Museum strives to connect visitors with a variety of disabilities to the world of art and history in the form of specially-designed accessible tours.