Water Music

Art of Barbara Putnam and Gar Waterman

Art and science are fused in this exhibition that examines the quality of marine life and the fresh water environment. Artists Barbara Putnam and Gar Waterman create art that supports stewardship of open spaces and the increasing need for conservation.

More about this exhibition

Putnam’s artistic background is in woodcut which she loves for its physicality. In addition to large-scale works on paper, she prints on cloth and finishes the work as quilts. Viewers will find beauty in the delicate, articulated shapes in imagery that includes seaweed, fish and turtles.

The son of an underwater film maker, artist Gar Waterman had early access to the wonders of the marine world that engendered an everlasting passion for the sea. A sculptor whose medium includes onyx and marble, Waterman takes on the ambitious task of capturing the rhythm and grace of marine life in stone.

Image: Barbara Putnam, Golden Ration, Ocean Traces, 2012, Courtesy of the Mattatuck Museum