Unplugged: New England Artists Depict Trees

Featuring work by four contemporary New England artists—Donald Bracken, Cindy Dobie, Paul Murray, and William Simpson—Unplugged encourages visitors to take a break from technology and find refuge in meditative views of trees and forests.

More about this exhibition

The years of the COVID-19 pandemic have fundamentally changed our relationship with – and appreciation of – the natural world. The exhibition, Unplugged: New England Artists Depict Trees serves as a forest within the museum. The four artists featured in the exhibition work in different media, yet all take trees and forests as their subject. Donald Bracken utilizes mixed media to create three-dimensional work that brings forests directly into the gallery, while Cindy Dobie paints impressionistic scenes inspired by her hikes through nature. Paul Murray’s photography reflects his global travels, here vivid portraits of trees in Namibia, and William Simpson’s charcoal scenes immerse viewers in monochromatic winter woods that transcend time and place. The artwork in this show encourages contemplation and reminds viewers of the beauty and power of nature.