Thos. Moser

Legacy in Wood

Both beautiful and inspiring in its presentation of craft and design, this exhibition is an intimate look into the life and work of Thos. Moser. Moser is a first-generation furniture maker who turned away from a tenured professorship and learned his craft by deconstructing and reconstructing existent furniture, then reinventing it through his reductive aesthetic as he came into his own as a maker of fine furniture. Moser also understands fine craft as a spiritual endeavor and infuses his objects with his own sense of grace and form that align with functionality. This exhibition features a wide variety of furnishings including chairs, tables, bureaus, desks, and cases. There is a great emphasis on process including tools, works in process, black-and-white photographs, and a video.

More about this exhibition

The exhibition was organized by the Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art in association with Thos. Moser with additional support from Down East Publications. Curated by Donna McNeil, the exhibition at the Mattatuck Museum is supported in part through a gift from David & Mara Sfara to underwrite exhibits in The Lab.