Sphere of Influence

Ira Barkoff & the Washington Art Association

Painter Ira Barkoff has been teaching at the WAA for eighteen years, one afternoon a week for sixteen weeks of the year. Sphere of Influence demonstrates the results of Ira Barkoff’s guidance in twenty-five works, three from Barkoff, and the others from eight of his current students: Souby Boski, Joanne Conant, Jack Dunbar, Anne Marie Foran, Charlotte Honda, Kathleen L’Hommedieu, Kathleen Mooney, Roberta O’Shea, Frances Owles, Anne Quackenbush, Karen Simmons and Wendy Walker.

More about this exhibition

Artists have always taught, they share their impulse to create and Barkoff thinks along those lines. “I feel I have something to communicate,” he says about his classes in which painting is considered a means of expression. Barkoff looks at teaching as a give and take about how one becomes a painter with an individual voice.

Image: Ira Barkoff, Glowing Warm, 2008, Oil on canvas, 50 x 52
Gift of Frederic Thaler & Kathleen Mooney in memory of Seymour R. Thaler & Mildred Thaler Cohen and John Daniel Mooney