Eduardo Giannattasio: Sit Down, Please

Known for his vibrant and expressive artwork, Eduardo Giannattasio has found audiences in both Italy and the United States. Giannattasio is originally from Salerno, Italy, where he began his career as a theater set designer. His relationship with Waterbury dates to 2017, when he brought group of Italian artists to the city to honor the work of Alexander Calder by building their own public sculptures. Giannattasio’s sculpture, Mare Nostrum, is located outside the YMCA, next door to the Mattatuck Museum.

More about this exhibition

Giannattasio’s multimedia practice spans sculpture, drawings, pottery, and more. His current series called Sit Down, Please is inspired by his grandmother Annunziata’s chair. She brought this simple chair on a journey through loss, hope, and love as she navigated widowhood and a second marriage following World War I. Giannattasio eventually inherited this chair, along with the family history, and potent memories it holds. The chair has been a recurring subject in his art for many years and, now for the first time, Eduardo Giannattasio presents an entire show dedicated to his grandmother’s chair and all it represents to him.