Shared Sensibilities: The Art of Sol Lewitt and His Friends

During the early 1960s, Sol LeWitt (1928-2007) was prominent among a group of artists who searched for alternatives to the long-established conventions of traditional painting and sculpture. He helped establish Conceptual Art and Minimalism by creating works that reduced art to the most basic shapes and colors.

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This exhibition includes both the work of Sol LeWitt and the work of contemporary artists who were his friends and co-workers. Among the 20 works by LeWitt in this exhibition are a structure from the Incomplete Open Cube series and colorful works on paper that demonstrate the tactics LeWitt used to define and push the limits of art-making, among them, Full Cube (1974) and Dancing Lines, 1997. Selections from the LeWitt collection feature more than 40 works by 17 artists, including paintings, sculpture, photography, and works on paper by artists Alan Cohen, Charles Gaines, Arlan Huang, Julie Moos and Richard Ziemann among others.

Distorted Cubes, by Sol LeWitt, LeWitt Collection