Lauren Seiden

Graphite, the same stuff in your number 2 pencil, is the medium of choice for Lauren Seiden. Trained as a painter, Seiden received her BA from Bennington College. But, she says, she hasn’t used paint for years.

More about this exhibition

Working on paper and on Mylar, Seiden used graphite in various forms to make a topographic creation. She will use a combination of lead – different softness (including liquid), with different points, to create layers upon layers of medium. In this way she explores texture, mark-making and surface. Seiden works spontaneously, there are no preliminary drawings. She identifies her method as loose, a deliberate but free-form manipulation of material that is determined/limited by the size of the paper.

In these works that explore the relationship between light, line and dark, she (in her words) “tests the conventions of drawing by breaking down the surface and transforming the paper into a physical metallic form.”

This exhibition featured 3 of Seiden’s works which were installed on the Lobby wall, including the image above, Blue Raw Wrap.