Innovations for a World Market: Manufacturing in the Naugatuck Valley

Fifty years ago metal manufacturing was the lifeblood of the Naugatuck Valley. As global economies changed, the largest corporations left the region, creating a popular misconception that the industry is gone. In truth, numerous metal manufacturers are still based in the Valley.

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he Platt Brothers & Company: In 1822 Alfred Platt diversified his business on the Naugatuck River by manufacturing metal buttons. Today, this company makes a variety of zinc based products, terrazzo flooring and medical equipment. Their zinc coatings, zinc liners, and anodes protect dams, pipelines and bridges across the country and the world.

The Eastern Company in Naugatuck: It began in 1858 John Howard Whittemore joined Bronson Beecher Tuttle in making iron parts for railroads, carriages, agricultural tools. Today this multinational company makes diverse products including roof anchors for mining, locks and latches for trucks and busses, and sleeper cabs for trucks and military vehicles.

Stewart EFI in Thomaston: One of the largest international suppliers of precision progressive die and deep drawn metal stampings, their products are used in battery cases, automotive air bags, and salt shaker tops.