Paintings by Eric Forstmann

Contemporary realist painter Eric Forstmann moves effortlessly between still life painting and depictions of the landscape. Forstmann is known for his arrangements of fruit and objects on table-tops and on shelves. He also works larger, creating room-size compositions from table and chair groupings to 16' foot assemblages of cast off furniture, dump finds and odd and ends.

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Art reflects its time and responds to its place and Forstmann makes numerous references to contemporary life in his scenes of both the urban and rural landscape. In each he strives for accuracy of time and place; paintings are sometimes titled with the hour and location. Everything/Nothing is the title of one of Forstmann’s trompe l’oeil works. Its subject is a rumpled and creased irregularly-shaped piece of brown paper that is suspended on a blank wall by a push-pin at each top corner. The title refers to the mysterious questions, What is Everything? and What is Nothing?

Image: Eric Forstmann, Folly (2012), Courtesy Eckert Fine Art Gallery, Millerton NY