Double Take: Familiar Objects in Unexpected Materials

Munger Gallery

Take a closer look at the artwork in this exhibition, and you may be surprised by what you see. The inventive and labor-intensive methods of five contemporary New England artists transform everyday objects into extraordinary works of art.

More about this exhibition

By reinterpreting usual objects through unusual materials, five artists comment on contemporary American life. This exhibition brings together a diverse range of works from Adam Brent, Peggy Dembicer, Judith G. Klausner, Robert Moy, and Jeff Ostergren that showcase a variety of techniques and artistic forms. These artists employ unusual media, from cast resin balloons to medicinally enhanced paint, to recreate and reimagine the objects that occupy our daily lives. Although their creations may appear straightforward from a distance, these playful and witty works raise issues of consumerism, domesticity, health, capitalism, and more.