Dancing in the Moonlight

Nocturnes by Charles Yoder

Charles Yoder started painting his nature-based paintings because of what he saw in his backyard one winter’s night. This night vision was the light of a full moon shining down through pine boughs and the shadows it made on the snow covered forest floor. The very real, abstract shapes evoked the question, “How can I paint this?” and he has been following that thought ever since. These “mediations on a glimpse” became paintings large and small, drawings, watercolors, silkscreens, lithographs and monotypes.

More about this exhibition

The Mattatuck Museum is pleased to present a selection of these Nocturnes that form an important part of this artist’s life’s work.

Image: Charles Yoder, Rhythm in Blues (detail), 2013, Acrylic and oil on canvas, 36″ x 84″