Balance Beam

Ryan Frank

Ryan Frank's exhibition at the Mattatuck Museum will be similar to a jungle gym that visitors can explore, using the artist’s unique combination of objects, imagery and light. Participants will have to climb over, under and around objects, look up at the ceiling, lay down on the floor, and traverse from inside to outside the gallery in order to view photographic images framed inside light boxes and other viewing apparatuses. Reflections and distorted views of the gallery space and the outside world will be presented in a unique sequence that will require visitors to contort their bodies in unorthodox ways. As visitors of all ages navigate and explore the space, they will experience a heightened sense of both their physical capabilities and visual awareness.

More about this exhibition

Writing recently about his work, Frank identified, “While no two of my boxes are identical, they all have a few key similarities: a light bulb in the center, four sided with two open ends, each side displaying a back-lit photo transparency. The images capture a specific time and place, and the effort to view them is similar to that which I endured to take them.”

An artist, performer and curator, Frank received dual degrees in theater and fine art from NYU in 2004. He is curator at the Granary and is based in Brooklyn, NY and Sharon, CT.

Ryan Frank exhibition and performance supported in part by Melva Bucksbaum & Raymond Learsy, Flora M. Biddle, Lucy Commoner & Richard Berry, Angel Franco & Leslie Goldmann, Maureen Jerome, Moira Kelly, Connie J. & Richard M. Frank, Janet Offensend, Elaine Reichek, John H. Silvis, Bonny B. Wolf & Michael B. Levy and Sally & Tony Zunino.