Ifeyinwa Joy Chiamonwu: Ancestral Heirloom

Munger Gallery

An heirloom is anything that a family or ancestor has passed down from generation to generation. This exhibition, Ifeyinwa Joy Chiamonwu: Ancestral Heirloom, explores the physical and traditional heirlooms passed down to the artist both by her family and the ancestors of the Igbo people.

More about this exhibition

Ifeyinwa Joy Chiamonwu recognizes that some Africans in Africa, and many Africans in diaspora, have lost touch with their roots. Thus, she has created this body of artwork to celebrate her African cultural identity in the hopes of “win[ing] back the minds of our brothers and sisters who have intentionally or unintentionally turned their backs on, or have lost touch with, their heirlooms.” Featuring eight never-before-seen works by Chiamonwu, Ancestral Heirloom makes a joyful case for celebrating one’s heritage.


Ifeyinwa Joy Chiamonwu (b. 1995), Nwa-oja (The flute boy), 2022, Sanguine, sepia, charcoal, and acrylic paint on canvas, Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York.