MattaTrek 2024 Sponsored Hiker – Stephanie Harris

Why are you hiking?

In my 14 years at the Mattatuck Museum, I have seen the incredible impact that this institution has made in our community. The money that we raise is an investment into the betterment of the lives of those living in and around Waterbury. I am walking to raise awareness of the amazing work our staff and volunteers are able to do for this community. Every dollar we bring in represents another opportunity we can provide – from school tours, to adult education, to family programs, to beautiful exhibitions – these contributions make a real difference!

Connection to the Mattatuck:
Deputy Director

Thank you for helping me reach my goal!

  • Arianne De Asis
  • Astro Electric Inc.
  • Muffy Barhydt
  • Ray & Deana Basley
  • Martha & Robert Bernstein
  • Richard & Nancy Bushka
  • Tom Ciriello
  • Carla Corcoran
  • Don & Dee Cullen
  • William Fitzpatrick
  • Trisha Franklin
  • Donald Gamsjager
  • Tamara Harris
  • Jan Hasenjager
  • Mark Holleran
  • Peter Lempicki
  • James & Marian Slye
  • Jeff Tedesco
  • Samantha Wald
  • Melissa Wilczak
  • Melissa Wrigley
  • Carrie Zimyeski