MattaTrek 2024 Sponsored Hiker – Ryan Flanders

Why are you hiking?

In my first year working at the Mattatuck Museum I have had the opportunity to see the incredible difference the Matt makes in our community every day. After being diagnosed with Graves’ disease at the end of last year I went from being able to hike 42 miles for last year’s MattaTrek, or run a marathon, to getting winded climbing up a set of stairs. Now that I am being treated and recovering, a 23 mile hike from my hometown of West Hartford all the way to Massachusetts seems like the perfect challenge to build back my own health while raising money for our wonderful museum.

Connection to the Mattatuck:
Development and Membership Coordinator

Thank you for helping me reach my goal!

  • Dutch and Hillary Barhydt
  • Muffy Barhydt
  • Martha & Robert Bernstein
  • Angel Bleggi and Gregory Bart
  • Franklin Brand
  • Bart and Maria Cutrali
  • Thomas Davis
  • Catherine Flanders and Francesco Lecciso
  • James Flanders and Elizabeth Kieschnick
  • Tim Kieschnick and Wendy Fiering
  • Gus McLeavy and Laura Kelsey
  • Goretti Medeiros
  • Christine and Eugene Shugrue