IMLS medal


The Mattatuck Museum has been selected as a 2022 finalist for a National Medal for Museum and Library Service by the Institute of Museum and Library Services! This award is the nation’s highest federal honor given to museums and libraries for service to their communities.


Tell the world how the Mattatuck has been a positive influence in our community! From childhood memories of school tours to favorite programs, exhibits, classes, and more. Whatever it is that makes the museum special to you, share it!


Tips for recording yourself on video

Find the perfect spot

  • Pick a quiet location with good lighting. (If you’re indoors, position yourself so that the windows are facing you.)
  • Avoid overhead lighting and backlight.
  • Don’t use your phone’s flash.
  • Avoid noise like fans, ventilation ducts, echoes, etc (If you’re going to sit down for the video, use a chair that doesn’t swivel or squeak.)

Set up your smartphone

  • To avoid shaky footage, don’t hold your phone in your hand while recording yourself.
  • Use a tripod with a smartphone clip or lean the device against a steady surface.

Shoot in landscape mode

  • A video shot in landscape format fits well into most social media newsfeeds and looks good on video hosting platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

Pay attention to composition

  • Don’t keep the camera so close that your face fills up the entire frame.
  • Keep your smartphone camera at eye level. 
  • If speaking directly to an audience, look into the camera and position yourself in the center.
  • Leave some headroom.
  • Avoid the digital zoom feature as it can pixelate the image.