The Easter Confession by Charles Monagan


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On Easter Eve 1955, young Connecticut priest Father Hugh Osgood gets a disturbing visit to his confessional and soon finds himself plunging against his will into a world of high-end art thievery and murder – and a mystery that only he can solve. Enlisting the help of a couple of old hometown friends (including Anibel Moss, the still-hard-to-resist love of his life), he sets out to piece together the deadly puzzle. But just as he begins, the strangest thing happens – one by one, the stolen paintings – first a Manet, then a Monet, then a Degas – start coming back, an unheard-of twist that creates a new mystery atop the old one. From there, it becomes a fast-paced race to the finish as Father Osgood draws closer to his prey, balancing his priestly responsibilities against his instinctual urge for justice. Will he track down the who, the how and the why? Can he control his rage when the case becomes personal in the most painful way possible? And what about Connecticut’s rainiest summer in history – how will that intrude with its own brand of drama and deadly force? “The Easter Confession” will draw you in to an earlier day and remind you with fresh, sharp storytelling that times may change but good and evil are always with us.