Moser: Legacy in Wood


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By: Thomas Moser with Donna McNeil. Thos. Moser Cabinet Makers has set the standard for fine woodworking and meticulously hand-crafted furniture for more than forty years. In this modern age of inexpensive mass prroduction, Moser furniture stands out because every piece is hand-made by a master craftsman (or craftswoman). Generally minimalist in style, the pieces are highly sophisticated in their construction. And though Moser has been influenced by Shaker, early American, and Japanese furniture makers, the elegant and graceful lines of his pieces comprise a distinct aesthetic. In Moser: Legacy in Wood, the craftsman reflects on his long career, his design influences, and the iconic company that beganwith him and his wife Mary in their Maine home and continues today as a family enterprise – all four of Moser’s sons have worked in the shop, and three are still there as master craftsmen and designers. This is an intimate look into the life and work of a pioneering craftsman, whose example demonstrates that a rich and fulfilling career can be built out of working with your hands the old-fashioned way. Published by: Down East Books. 2015.

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