Connecticut in the Civil War



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By: Matthew Warshauer. Connecticut in the American Civil War offers readers a remarkable window into the state’s involvement in a conflict that challenged and defined the unity of a nation. The arc of the war is traed through the may facets and stories of battlefield, home front, and factory. Matthew Warshauer masterfully reveals the varied attitudes toward salvery and race before, during, and after the war; Connecticut’s reaction to the firing on Fort Sumter; the dissent in the state over whether or not the sword and musket should be raised against the South; the rasing of the troops; the sacrifice of those who served on the front and at home; and the need for closure after the war. This book is a concise, amazing account of a complex and troubling war. No one interested in this period of American history can afford to miss reading this important contribution to our national and local stories. Published by Weslyan University Press. 2011.

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