Lauren Booth

(b. 1969)
Sunset Contemplation, 2015
Resin, pigment acrylic, wood, uv light, overall, 115 x 60 x 8
Gift of the artist  2016.1

Sunset Contemplation was first conceived for an interior window wall in the Museum. The sculptural piece is composed of eight individual resin panels in a supporting wooden frame; its lush colors, its shimmering, lightly textured surface and its expansive background lighting work in harmony to create a sunset “painting.” The title, Sunset Contemplation, is twofold. Firstly, it is in reference to the colors and experience of a sunset. Secondly, the word contemplation refers to the 20th verse of the I Ching. Booth ruminated on the verse throughout the months she created the piece. The 10 acrylic rods embedded into the lower 6 panels are a nod to the hexagram representing this verse.

Booth became interested in resin work while studying at Kensington Chelsea College in London where she earned a degree in sculpture. “Resin is this magical material which begins as a liquid and transforms into a solid, sumptuous form.” The artist also works in neon and her installation have appeared worldwide, most recently at the Rothschild estate, Waddeson Manor in England in 2018 where “Electric Menagerie,” was presented. This series of 14 site-specific works was inspired by real and fantastical animals.