Kristin Baker

(b. 1975)
The Unfair Advantage, 2003
Acrylic on PVC board, 108 ¼ x 60 ¼
Gift of Pam and Jack Baker  2017.27

A native of Stamford, Baker was born an only child whose parents shared two enduring interests — art and auto racing. This influenced much of her early career and her creation of images of speed, sweeping movement and exploding colors.

Baker’s non-traditional approach includes new material combinations and use of plastic-on- plastic rather than brush-on-canvas, she uses squeegees and scrapers to apply her paint on opaque PVC. Areas are outlined with tape for straight lines or slashed edges then filled with layers of matte and gloss paint in a mix of soft and vibrant hues. The resulting image demonstrates how differently natural and artificial light might reflect and define flat and deep space. This interplay of light and space evoke feelings of motion and speed reminiscent of a racetrack.