Kim Scianghetti

(b. 1963)
The Citadel, 2014
Epson print
Gift of Kevin McNamara and Craig Nowak  2017.6.2

Skilled in capturing and freezing strong emotional moments in time with her camera, Kim Scianghetti turns to friends, family and co-workers for her photographic subjects. This image is one of her series, “The Life Story of Hands,” and it shows a parent’s hands encircling the tiny one of a child’s evokes feelings of safety and shelter.

Scianghetti is self-taught; she has been shooting on and off for over 30 years but dedicated herself full-time to the art in 2011. Her goal, she says, is  “to show humans, from every walk of life; religion, color, race and orientation, that at the very core we are all so very much alike, telling the stories of these people and sharing them with others, but leaving blanks to be filled in by the viewer.”