Stitching the Revolution: Quilts as Agents of Change

Stitching the Revolution: Quilts as Agents of Change

Stitching the Revolution explores themes of revolution through quilting, a medium traditionally confined to the domestic sphere and often relegated to the lower status of craft or minor art. This exhibition offers a new approach to understanding the practice of quilting as an avenue through which to express potent beliefs and an outlet to create meaningful change. Tracing the long history of quilts as a medium for communicating revolutionary ideas, the exhibition pairs historic and contemporary quilts spanning over 200 years of production. Stitching the Revolution features approximately 30 quilts from the Mattatuck Museum’s collection, and loans from New England institutions and contemporary artists.

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Thanks to the generous support of the Coby Foundation.


Sarah Ewalt Spencer (American, 1766-1842). Missing and Murdered Indigenous Children’s Journey to the Milky Way, 2022. Pieced and quilted fabric. John and Susan Horseman Foundation.

Natalie Baxter (American, b 1985) Lil Glory, 2017. Fabric, polyester fill, fringe. Collection of the Artist.

Linda Stein (American, b. 1943), Anne Frank 808, 2014. Leather, metal, canvas, paint, fabric and mixed media. 60 x 60 in. Collection of Raymond Learsy.