Passing By

Laure Dunne

As the winner of The MATT’s 2017 MIXMASTER Juried Members Exhibition, Laure Dunne won the opportunity for a solo show in The Lab. She has had a passion for fine art, design and photography throughout her career. After earning a BFA at Indiana University/Bloomington in the areas of design and photography, she honed her photographic capabilities at NYU and at the International Center of Photography in New York City. Her professional work focuses on interior design and real estate but her art photographs are oftentimes the results and records of her travels. This exhibition of 25 photos includes shots from Oregon, Maine, New York and Connecticut. Thematically organized between two subjects, trains and trees, Dunne’s clear, clean aesthetic is evident in these compositionally strong and dramatic images.

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Supported in part through a gift from Raymond Learsy to underwrite exhibits in The Lab.