La Onda Chicana

La Onda Chicana (“the Chicanx Wave”) is named after the multidisciplinary artistic movement that grew out of México (La Onda) and the Chicano movement (El Movimiento) in America inspired by Civil Rights activism of the 1960s. Featuring artwork by over 30 Chicanx and Latinx artists from the Civil Rights Movement to the present, La Onda Chicana demonstrates the power of art to communicate individual and collective identities and to create new realities.

More about this exhibition

13 artworks in this exhibition were generously lent by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art as part of Art Bridges’ Collection Loan Partnership initiative. Support provided by Thomaston Savings Bank.


Featured Artists:

  • William Acedo
  • Blanka Amezkua
  • Michel Amescua
  • Chelo Amezcua
  • Judy Baca
  • Santa Barraza
  • Yreina Cervantes
  • Enrique Chagoya
  • Carlos Hernandez Chavez
  • Mariana Castillo Deball
  • Yaneli Delgado
  • Carla Fernández
  • Diane Gamboa
  • Luis Genaro-Garcia
  • Dolores Guerrero-Cruz
  • Erika Harrsch
  • Roxanne Jackson
  • Salvador Jiménez-Flores
  • Jean LaMarr
  • Alma Lopez
  • Sandra de la Loza
  • Joseph “Nuke” Montalvo
  • Ernesto Yerena Montejano
  • Tony Ortega
  • Yolanda Vasquez Petrocelli
  • Gabriel Garcia Roman
  • Frank Romero
  • Sonia Romero
  • Dewey Tafoya
  • Don Tomas
  • John Valadez
  • Patssi Valdez


Pictured: Sandra de la Loza, Mural Remix, Artists Unknown, Untitled, 1970s, 2011, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, purchased with funds provided by Karen R. Constine, the Prints and Drawings Council, and Zuzana and Shawn Landres., © Sandra de la Loza, photo courtesy of Self Help Graphics & Art