Discovering New York’s Wrapper: The Art of Francis Hines

Best known for having wrapped the Washington Square Arch in 1980, Francis Hines, who lived in both New York and Watertown, is the only artist to wrap a building in Manhattan (in the East Village). Weaving diaphanous fabrics in geometric patterns he stretched and knotted his large-scale public works. Books and PBS documentary brought him recognition in the 1980s but by the time of his death in 2016, his story had been lost until 2017 when his art, which had been thrown into a dumpster after his death, was rescued by Waterburian Jared Whipple and George Martin of Naugatuck. Whipple is collaborating with art historian and publisher Peter Hastings Falk to organize this exhibition.

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Image: Francis Hines, The Arch Installation, Washington Square, New York City, 1980. Photograph by Shelley Farkas.