Youth Tours

School tours are designed to enrich classroom lessons, meet state and national Common Core Standards and reflect the Museum’s approach of engaging students in dialogue as they look at works of art and architectural elements found in the collection, special exhibitions and adjacent city Green. Trained Docents and Museum Educators invite students to explore American art and history through discussion and gallery activities that help students to look carefully, solve problems and evaluate ideas. For inspiration, this program utilizes the collection and special exhibitions as springboards to a wealth of subject matter, themes, media and introductory art-making techniques.


Tour Options

  • Stroller Tour: Children up to 24 months, 60 minutes
    Looking to connect with other new moms, dads, grandparents, and caregivers? Come to the Museum for a before-hours tour and playdate. Engage with your baby, other caregivers, and a Museum Educator on a tour of colorful works of art. Hands-on activities for the baby, and light refreshments and conversation for caregivers. Private breastfeeding area available.
  • Sensational Self-Portraits*: Grades PreK-2, 60 minutes
    Students will learn how to use their sense of sight, touch, smell, and hearing as they are guided through the art galleries. This program is designed as an introductory museum experience and utilizes age-appropriate exploratory and participatory activities.
  • Then and Now: Grade 3, 90 minutes
    Students will visit the Museum’s History exhibit to learn how and why the city of Waterbury has grown and changed over time. Explore colonial features, use maps to identify physical features of the region, and discover what life was like for the original settlers of Waterbury.
  • Learning to Look*: Grade 4, 90 minutes
    Students will discover the tools of visual analysis through observation, self-expression, and Visual Thinking Strategies through a guided tour of the Museum’s Early American art collection, Modern and Contemporary art collection, and special exhibitions.
  • Peoples of Waterbury, 1600s-1800s: Grade 5, 90 minutes
    Explore the history of the Brass City, discover Waterbury’s transformation from an agricultural life in the 1600s to an industrial leader during the 19th and 20th centuries. Students will discover new perspectives on the innovations of the waterwheel, immigrants, child labor, factory life and machines, and brass materials produced in Waterbury.
  • Highlights from the Collection: Grades 6-12, 60 minutes
    Have you ever seen an ornate desk made from rubber, colorful metal mobiles hanging from the ceiling, or 20,000 buttons all in one place? Learn about these things and so much more through this introduction to the Early American art collection, button collection, and historical artifacts ranging from the colonial period to the mid-20th century that are part of the Museum’s permanent collection.
  • Access Tours: All ages, 60 minutes
    The Museum strives to connect visitors with a variety of disabilities to the world of art and history in the form of specially-designed accessible tours. For more information please contact Valerie Rodgers, Lead Museum Educator/Tour Coordinator at (203) 753-0381 x118 or

* Art activity available for an additional fee

Program Fees

  • Guided Tour Only: $5 per student
  • Guided Tour & Art Making Project: $7 per student
  • Chaperons & Group Leaders: No charge

Group Size

Tours are available upon request for groups of six or more (maximum 75) and with at least three weeks notice. Classes must be divided into smaller groups of 10-12 students. All tours are led by trained volunteer Museum Educators. We require one chaperone for every 10 students. No exceptions.


The Museum is unable to provide food and snacks. However, schools may reserve the art studio or front porch when the tour reservation is made for bagged lunches.

Bus Parking & Accessibility

Parking is available in the Rose Hill parking lot at 63 Prospect Street. The Museum is wheelchair accessible.

Schedule a Tour or Outreach Program

To schedule a school tour or outreach program and for extended tours contact Valerie Rodgers, Lead Museum Educator/Tour Coordinator at (203) 753-0381 x118 or

To discuss other opportunities for customized programs for homeschoolers and other groups contact Rachel Lima, School and Family Program Director at (203) 753-0381 x114 or email